Personalised Marketing Strategy

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Your business is on Facebook, but do you have a strategy to get leads?

Most businesses are on social media in one way or another, however only 22% of business owners have a social media strategy. Instead of wasting valuable time on activities that don't generate clients, speak to our digital marketing professionals today and get a customised plan that focuses on getting you more clients.

Facebook likes can boost credibility online and should be used with caution. Facebook 'likes' are what we call vanity metrics. Yes, its nice to have a lot of people like your business online, but unless they are willing to become your customers, it doesn't matter how many likes you have. This is where you need a strategy in place to get 'likers' into 'buyers'.

Who is this for?

This service was made for the solo entrepreneur or start up business. We know budgets are tight when you're just starting out and with so many shiny marketing tools out there, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. Get to work side by side with our marketing professionals to develop a simple and effective digital marketing strategy for your unique business. If you're a small business owner with more time than money right now, this service is perfect for you. If you're willing to put in the time to do-it-yourself (with hand holding of course!), you can learn how to build an effective lead generating system for yourself. 

What's Included?

A Strategy Session is your time to get your marketing questions answered by a marketing professional. If you already have a marketing plan in place, we can go through it with you and suggest improvements to increase your conversions. If you're starting from scratch, we'll work together to develop a focused digital marketing plan for your business that get clients from social media. We'll work with you personally over Skype to plan your course of action and help you with the technical stuff to actually do it yourself, too.

You'll also receive our Million Dollar Roladex - which is our personal resource list of every marketing software, tool, guide and resource that we've used over 8 years in marketing! We've done all the hard work testing and trialling all the tools out there (and spent a lot of time and money!) and have confirmed the best value for money marketing resources out there that have made us over $1 million. You get the good stuff without the trial and error in the first strategy session! 

You also get access to our marketing partners - including graphic designers, copywriters, virtual assistants, website developers, photographers and more... we have personally worked with these people in our business. It's not easy finding the right qualified people - we're giving you access to our Little Black Book of trusted sources.

If you book a 5 hour block, you'll get access to our Critical Marketing Foundations online course - where you can get a head start on how to market your business effectively. You'll also get to have us look over your completed worksheets and get extra support.

Single Session

60 minute coaching sessions

  • 1 week of post session email support
  • Million Dollar Roladex
  • Little Black Book Access
  • Critical Marketing Foundations Course

(including GST)

5 Session Package

5 x 60 minute coaching sessions

  • 5 weeks of post session email support
  • Million Dollar Roladex
  • Little Black Book Access
  • Critical Marketing Foundations Course
  • One Session Per Week Over 5 Weeks

$275 per week
(including GST)

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